How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker naturally at home

How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker naturally at home? Most of the thinner, weaker and dull eyelash group members often ask their beauticians, dermatologist, eye doctors even a random person who has some good volume or pretty looking eyelashes.

Long thick and shiny eyelashes are gracefulness of you two eyes. When you look at anyone’s eye, which gorgeous deep dark eyes with full volume eyelashes- what do you think about it or how those magical eyelashes make you feel that moment?

Ah! I wish I had those enchanting lashes without any effort or hassle. Well, maybe you can have this type of longer and thicker eyelashes naturally with trying some of naturally easy made home remedies. And it cost you almost nothing compare the eyelashes extensions. But does it only work for complement your beauty, not at all. Eyelashes not only create for increase the beauty, but it also fulfills some duty too. Like, it protects your eyes from dust, allergens, and other derbies from falling into your eyes.

It works like sensors that don’t let anything to your eyes and also prevent transferring infection to your eyes. A perfect length of eyelashes can protect you from various ways. Like, it helps to control the airflow and the rate of evaporation on the surface of the cornea. That keeps away maximum dust particles and your eyes moist for a longer time. So you can logically hope to have or get longer eyelashes not only for enhance the beauty but also maintain your eye’s health.

Some obstructers of getting longer and thicker natural looking eyelashes

You may notice, babies are born with natural looking longer, thicker, and full volume eyelashes. Than what happened to ours, the elders? Some certain factors matters fall off your delicate lashes and make them thin. Such as,
☄Nutritional deficiency
☄Hormonal imbalance
☄Certain medical problems
☄Eye infections
☄Rubbing the eyes roughly
☄Sleep without removing eye makeup and so on.

the best eyelash extensions
If you are suffering from one of these problems and trying to find the solution of how to grow eyelashes longer fast then here is the solution. At first, stop worrying and also stop using harmful cosmetic that gives nothing but false promises. You can recover all these problems just following some natural ways. In here I will show you how to grow eyelashes longer and thicker naturally at home.

For eyelash growing you may hear about using castor oil, vitamin E, almond oil, etc. but here I will start with something different but common, the coconut oil. Coconut oil is mostly used for natural hair care. Regular use of coconut oil can improve the health of hair, make them shiny and long. That thing happened to your eyelashes as well when you apply it on a regular basis. Also, it’s an available product to any women’s beauty regimen. I know many women who prefer to use handmade pure coconut oil instead of buying ready-mades.  Even they make it at home once in a month. If you are not want to on this making hassle, just buy some extra virgin coconut oil. However, we will discover some other home remedies also underneath of this natural and unusual ingredient.

1. Coconut oil

One of the best natural oil, coconut oil helps to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows using regularly. If you want to use something that makes to look you lashes bolder and thick without any side effects then there is nothing better than using this home remedy. But be sure about organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil for treating beauty problems or any health issues.


Why Coconut Oil?

If you have doubt about this natural oil that, how it can give me thicker and longer eyelashes then here is some more properties to explain. These will clarify your doubts and thus make you try this oil for growing eyelashes longer and fuller naturally.

This is the safest natural oil that allows you to use around eyes. Eyes and area of eyes are the most delicate parts of human body. Moreover, if some oils get into your eyes unfortunately then it won’t cases any harm. It doesn’t cause any redness, iciness of allergy at all. That doesn’t mean it’s like water, and you will feel nothing. Of course, you will, but that is a minor problem. That coconut oil won’t cause any harm to your eyes or vision unlike the use of other cosmetics.

☄It helps to provide natural moisturizer to the eyelashes as like the hair. So your hair won’t break or looks dull regular use of the oil.
☄The coconut oil consists of lauric, caprylic, capric and myristic acid. All these mid-chain fatty acids are meant to be essential building blocks for every cell including lashes of a human body.
☄The oil infiltrates your lash follicles to stimulate its hair growth and won’t clog the eyelid pores. Because coconut oil contains with no comedogenic that quickly absorbs into pores without blocking it.
☄People those have a hair related problem like dandruff, itchiness and other fungal infections on their lashes can use it without facing any problems. In fact, coconut oils are great to fight against this kind of issues.
☄To make your eyelashes soft and shiny coconut oil acts as cosmetics. Also, it provides a natural lubricant to your eyes as well.
☄To have stronger long lasting eyelashes, coconut oil works great. It prevents them falling from or breaking and promote its natural growth.

coconut oil

How to use Coconut Oil for Eyelashes:

Every woman wants to have long and thick lashes that will give the new dimension to their beauty. To make the dream come true coconut oil can do some miracles. You just have to follow some methods which biased on coconut oils. I find all of them useful when I was suffering from dull and breakable lashes problems. However, they are easy to make, require few moments to show result and hassle free, well almost!

Use of coconut oil as eyelash serum

DIY coconut oil is a natural serum for eyelashes naturally growth. If you ask, how to grow eyelashes longer home remedy then preparing an eyelash serum with coconut oil will be the perfect way to utilize. It acts like natural pulling action which draws out the impurities and stimulates the growth. Infect lavender oil also works as same to nourish eyelashes and its follicles.

How to make an eyelash serum with coconut oil

To make an eyelash serum with the coconut oil, have a look.

Follow the steps below-
☄ Pour virgin coconut oil into roller bottle till it filled up to 1/4 inch from the top of the bottle.
☄ Take roller bottle and filled it with pure verging coconut oil up to 1/4 inch from the top the bottle.
☄ Shake it well to make the serum ready to use for obtaining longer and lush eyelashes.
☄ Add just one drop of lemon essential oil and lavender oil in the coconut oil and stir them well.
☄ When the mixture is done, stir the roller lid on the top of the bottle.
☄ Use this eyelash serum to your eyelashes with the roller ball of the bottle every time you go to bed, in the night. Our body cells are in the repair mood in the evening so use the opportunity to recover you eyelash damages. Also, its best for prevent greasy looks of your eyes in daytime usage.
☄ Leave it for overnight, so your eyelid pores can absorb the serum properly. Rinse it off next in the morning. You will feel the moisturizer glowing lashes from the first day of use.
☄The benefits of using this rollerball are it the eyes becoming contaminated from any other things like bacteria or something. So instead of touching your finger use roller ball bottle for eyelash serum applications.
☄However, after applying make sure to remove excessive oil from the eyelashes. Blot your lashes with a tissue so that unnecessary oil won’t drop into your eyes.
☄Continuous application of this coconut oil eye serum improves your lashes structure eventually.

☄Be sure of using any coconut based soap and water while using the serum. After clean your face dry it with a soft cloth.
☄During the use of this serum, please stop using any eyelashes products or serum and any eye creams. This eye serum works for both eyelashes growth and your dark circle problems.
☄When you are going to remove your mascara or eyeliner, just apply it on your eyelashes and use a cotton ball or facial tissue to remove it.
☄Alternatively, you can use coconut and lavender oil to make another useful and simple eyelash serum. Take 2-4 drops of lavender oil and mix it with the 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply the mixture with a cotton swab from roots down to the ends.

Use of pure coconut oil
To condition the lashes coconut oil is enough to effect individually. You can use extra virgin coconut oil to provide strength and thickness to the lashes.
Follow the steps below-
☄ Dip a clean cotton swab in virgin coconut oil. Take a cotton swab and dip to in extra virgin coconut oil.
☄ Now dab the oil on the eyelashes and massage the oil with your finger gently. Massage downside by closing your eyes and upside by opening the eyes.
☄ Wash your face with a mild face wash after leaving it for few hours.
☄ Just be sure not apply too much oil to your eyes or lashes.
☄ Repeat the process daily before taking a bath.

Follow the steps below-
☄Add few drops of castor oil and grapeseed oil in 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil. Take 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil with few drop of castor oil and grapeseed oil and stir them well.
☄ Now apply the mixture onto the eyelashes with cotton swab/mascara brush or using the finger.
☄Leave it for one to two hrs then just wash it off.
☄ Repeat the process for few weeks for getting the desired result.

Coconut oil with other carrier oil
There are many reasons for breakage of eyelashes, fall off and bold eyelid. Such as weakening of the skin tissues around the eyes, lack of nutrition, and so on. If these problems are on, it might lead to sloppy skin and makes hard to eyelashes stick for a long time in your eyelid. So to get rid of this problem, coconut oil and carrier oil can help you to recover.
Follow the steps below-
☄ Add few drops of castor oil and grapeseed oil in 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil. Take 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil with few drop of castor oil and grapeseed oil and stir them well.
☄ Now apply the mixture onto the eyelashes with cotton swab/mascara brush or using the finger.
☄ Leave it for one to two hrs then just wash it off.
☄ Repeat the process for few weeks for getting the desired result.

Coconut oil eyelash extensions
If you ask me that how to grow eyelashes longer and fuller, then serum will help you a lot. For making this homemade eyelash serum, you will need-
1. Castor oil
2. Emu oil
3. Vitamin E oil
4. Coconut oil
5. A dropper bottle.
This homemade eyelash growth serum contains castor oil (natural source of Omega – 6 fats, vitamins, and proteins that promote hair growth), (moisturizes and nourishes), vitamin E oil (enhance strong hair growth) and coconut oil that helps for healthy, shiny, long and lustrous eyelashes.

Just follow the steps below-
☄ Emu oil is good for moisturizer and nourishment. So here we will take one tablespoon each of castor oil and emu oil and two capsules of vitamin E oil. Take 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil in a small dropper bottle and mix it very well. Your eyelash serum is ready to use!
☄ When you are going to use it, just take few drops of this eyelash serum onto your finger or the cotton swab with the dropper.
☄Dab the mixture on your lashes and massage gently on the eyelid.
☄ It’s best for using at night so it can work for the maximum time.
☄Use this eyelash growth serum on a daily basis for 2-3 months.

Tips and Precautions:
Here are some tips and precautions to follow for growing longer and thicker eyelashes. Including,
☄ Avoid using false lashes as much you can. Because it can causes irritation, allergies to your eyes. Maybe you have tried it 3/4 times, and you were fine but it may cases problem in later. Especially those are use contact lances with false eyelashes.
☄ If you are using coconut oil as your eyelash serum, then you can perfectly safe to use any makeup. This natural oil won’t cause any allergy or irritations to your skin or make it sensitive. This type of problem may cause any other ingredients like lemon peels. However, your skin is perfectly safe with this component.
☄If you are using eyelash serum or any eye cream, always apply it after cleaning your skin especially the eyes. But if you are not any of these beauty treatments still follow the procedure of cleaning eyes, face, etc. it will remove makeup, dust and also relieve you from stress on your eyes. So you can sleep batter, and your lashes will recover damage eventually.
☄If your mascara is around four-month-old then just toss it out. Old mascaras can grow bacteria which is harmful to eyelashes.
☄ Coconut oil is found to be allergic or cause some skin disorders in very rare cases like to those who are hypersensitive. When this oil is used in the moderate amount, it won’t cause any side effects or interactions.
☄ In very rare case, coconut oil can cause allergy or crest any disorders to some people. So if you have previous removed or allergy in coconut oil or hypersensitivity then try the oil or its slight serum amount in the eye area. If it feels ok, then proceed the next step, otherwise, don’t use it.

2. Castor oil

How to grow eyelashes longer fast? There in only one solution for more rapid eyelashes grow is castor oil. It’s a miracle ingredient that has the powerful follicle stimulating and nourishing ability that promotes lashes enlargement very fast. Castor oil is a natural source of omega – 6 fats, vitamins, and proteins. It can give you long, lustrous and voluminous lashes just in a month. Castor oil also helps fight microorganism that increases lashes’ growth.

Follow the steps below-
☄ Mix few drops of castor oil and vitamin E and apply it on your lashes use of a clean brush or a cotton swab before going to sleep at night.
☄ Leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning.
☄ Best clean the eyelash serum with lukewarm water and a mild face wash.castor oil

Castor oil with aloe vera
Here is another soothing solution for growing eyelashes longer home remedy. Many women are looking for the answer of how to grow eyelashes longer at home that can also sooth your eyes. Then this technique is especially for them who want to give relaxing therapy to their tired eyes. You can use this serum both in sleepy time and in the day time when you get the chance to relax for at least 20 min. The process is simple, at first take one teaspoon of fresh aloe vera gel, mix it well and massages it gently on your eyes just for 5 minutes. After that take one teaspoon each of castor oil and pure aloe vera gel and mix them well. Then take a cotton swab and apply the mixer to your eyelashes. Leave it on overnight and wash it off next morning warm water.
Aloe vera will help you to soothe your skin so it can recover from days long stress, pollution, etc. its best to use fresh and natural aloe gel. But many of us find it little messy when going mix or use it with something. However, you can use a hand mixture instead of egg bitter or spoon to ready the mixture. Also, there is another option available to use, the ready made aloe vera gel that often found in the market. Not all but some brands are really good for providing the all natural gel of aloe vera. If you take the second option look at the ingredients first, if it says at least 95-98% aloe vera then it is good to use. Otherwise, skip it.

Tips and Precautions
If you haven’t tried aloe vera gel yet to your skin, then you have to do a touch-up test. The reason for this test is, some people do complain about having allergy or iciness to their skin using of aloe vera. That’s very rare, but it could be possible for some people. So apply is your skin a little amount of aloe gel, see the skin reaction then go for the application.olive oil useage

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is another natural ingredient that works for multiple things. You can use it to your food to make it healthier, use it for skin to moisturize and nourish and also it for thick and long hair. Olive oil is one of most popular natural remedy that helps to grow thicker hair so as your eyelashes. This oil is enriched with vitamin E and oleic acid that nourish and all volume to your eyelashes. Moreover, if you have little thin and brownish eyelashes, then olive oil can help to make them darker and shiny.

Follow the steps below-
☄ First, warm up some olive oil, don’t make it boil.
☄ Now dip a cotton swab or a clean old mascara stick or eyeliner brush into it.
☄Apply the oil careful on your lashes just like the mascara before going bad. In the morning wash it off with lukewarm water.
☄ You will see the result after few months may be in 2 moths. Until getting the desired result use it on a daily basis.

olive oil

Always use extra virgin olive oil to grow your lashes, or even you are using it for hair.
Many people like to apply this type of fresh oil with the fingers instead of a brush. It’s better to use a lash brush or mascara brush for the oil application. Every time you use the brush don’t forget to clean it up.

Tips and Precautions:
Some people have huge dandruff problem to their hair; some time is eyes lashes. If you feel itchiness after applying the oil, then take 5 minutes to observe and see what happened. If it stopped than continue to use. Otherwise, don’t. It is better to wash it off in the morning with a mild face wash, so the oil goes off completely.

4. Brush Your Eyelashes

If you are asking for how to grow eyelashes longer and thicker at home, then it will be the easiest way. So brushes your eye lashes at least once in a day. This will help them to get rid of dirt particles which often clogged the pores. If your pores are clogged, then the eyelashes gradually lose the quality of growing beautiful and long lashes. Besides, daily bruising will increase the blood circulation of these particular areas and nutrients reach the hair follicles and increase the growth.

Follow the steps below-
☄ To brush the eyelashes, always use your old mascara brush and clean every time use it. Take 1/2 drops of vitamin E oil or your regular petroleum jelly (better to use Vaseline petroleum jelly, it’s a miracle on lashes!) on the soft bristle of the brush.
☄ Now directly apply it to both of your eyelashes using following upward and downward strokes.
☄ Start from the root and finish to the tip by slowly moving upward.
☄ You can try another coat of vitamin E or Vaseline to repeat the process.
☄ Best to brush around 3 to 5 minutes twice in a day until you get the expected result. After then, apply the process once in a day.

5. Eyelid Massage

If you ask, how to grow eyelashes longer and thicker naturally, then I would suggest about massaging the eyelid with others home remedies. Eyelid Massage is another way to improves blood flow to eyelash follicles. So the lashes can get more nutrition from blood and grow well. This process also prevents growing thin lashes and breakage of eyelashes.

Follow the steps below-
☄ Take few drops of oil, petroleum jelly or shea butter on your fingertips.
☄ Now massage along your lids and lash line in soft, small circular motion.
☄ Massage at least for 5 to 7 minutes twice in a day for 2/3 months.
☄ Be sure when you are going to massage your eyelid, clean your hands thoroughly. Best to use before taking to bath and going to before sleep.

6. Aloe Vera

As I mentioned above, aloe vera is a miracle home remedy for having long thick and beautiful eyelashes for a long time. Because it contains some good natural ingredients like vitamins and nutrients, which promote the growth of eyelashes. If your lashes are dull in look, then aloe vera can make them more alive and shiny by moisturizing.

Follow the steps below-
Apart from the castor oil and aloe vera mix. You can use fresh aloe vera gel directly on an old mascara brush before going to bed, just like the Vaseline or vitamin E oil. Leave it on overnight and wash it off in the next morning.

aloe vera

Aloe vera gel with jojoba oil
Here is another technique to grow eyelashes longer and fuller.
☄ Prepare a mixture by using one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and jojoba oil with chamomile infusion.
☄ Take the chamomile infusion almost one teaspoon mix it well and apply it to the lashes using an old mascara brush.
☄ Leave it for 15 minutes then rinse it with water.
☄ Best to use before going to bath. Use it for at least 3-4 months to get the best results.

Tips and Precautions:
☄ Be sure to remove the latex by rinsing the aloe vera gel thoroughly before the aloe, oil and infusion mixture application.
☄ If you have allergy in aloe vera than you can try others including this one.

7. Lemon Peels

Lemon peels are an excellent source of Vitamin and folic acid. They can nourish the lashes to grow better by enhance cleansing and stimulating properties of the oil. If you are using the olive or castor oil, use the lemon peels also once in a week.
Follow the steps below-
☄ Use dried lemon peel to make this mixture. Take one tablespoon of moderately dried lemon peels with olive or castor oil in a container and let the peels soak the oil.
☄ Leave it for at least two weeks to ready on the container.
☄ Use the mixtures just like the other mixture explain above with a mascara brush.
☄ Leave it also overnight and rinse it in the next morning.
☄This home remedy ca give you a improve result during few months.
☄ Always use the fresh lemon peel to make them dry. Best to make some new dried lemon peels instead of using old ones.
☄ Tips and Precautions:
☄ This serum can make you feel little itchy that area after few minute of application. But that’s ok; it won’t stay longer.

How to grow eyelashes longer in a week
Here is some excerpt highlights, a few simple yet efficient and promising ways for how to grow eyelashes longer in a week.

Use of oils
We have discussed before using castor oil for growing thicker and longer lashes. It can work on growing lashes within a week if your lashes or skin quality is not too damaged. Use raw castor oil with the help of cotton swab or use your fingertips. Or else use an old clean mascara brush and apply it as like you apply mascara. You can make a habit of using it on a daily basis. Instead of castor oil, olive oil also works as well. Use it before going to bed, leave it overnight and wash in the next morning. Check there is no existence of sticky oils on your lashes before wearing any makeup.

Use of egg white
If you have the, complain of losing your eye frequently lashes then here is another home remedy for longer and thicker eyelashes. For getting stronger lashes use few drop of egg white. Just take some drops of castor oil and egg white and mix them very well. Now apply the mixture with lashes brush and leave it for overnight. Next morning rinse it off with using lukewarm water after gently massage the eye area with your face wash.

petroleum jelly

Use of petroleum jelly
Use your regular petroleum jelly every night just like the following procedure of olive or castor oil. Its tricky ingredients to use because petroleum jelly won’t rapid results like the other ingredients. So you have to patients with this. Some of the people reported the success of using petroleum jelly for their longer and thicker naturally blooming eye lashes. Some people find it fruiting. So my suggestions would be if you are starting to lose volume of your lashes or have a pretty amount of lashes then use it. It will help you keep the present volume and make heathers. Petroleum jelly works as lashes conditioner here. Infect its one of the cheapest condition to use for dry and brittle eyelashes. It helps to restore its natural glow that you have once before.
But this ingredient is little uncomfortable to use at daytime so you can take the night to use it. Follow the same procedure as I explain before in castor oil and others. I prefer to use Vaseline personally on my lashes instead of petroleum jell. First of all, it’s not too smelly or sticky like others. It has the perfect thickness to blend with my lashes. I start using it after the coconut oil eyelash serum. But don’t take too much jelly into your brushes. Otherwise, it will clog the pores and causes skin problems. Besides, don’t forget to wash it off in the morning.

Use fewer cosmetics on eye area
Too much use of cosmetics like eye liner, eye shadow, eyelash, mascara, etc. can clog your pore of eyelids. On the other hand, lashes are always needed fresh air to keep its natural growth. So try to minimize the time of cosmetics and if you use any makeup, remove them as soon as possible. Like when you are done with the occasion and return home don’t waste time to removing makeup. Use high-quality skin friendly make ups and once apply, removed them correctly with the use of eye make remover, and other cleansing properties.

Avoid use of fake eyelashes
False lashes can provide some mesmerizing eye apple for sometimes, but it’s not a healthier way to get such a look. For using false lashes, you have to use of lashes glue that damages your lashes and break it off when pulling lashes out. Besides, if you have the habit of using kohl on a daily basis in the water line it also causes damage. Kohl is contained lead that can affect your eye health.

lash extensions reviews

Healthy diet
Make sure your every meal is consisting of healthy foods. Healthy food intake is another key of having naturally thicker and longer eyelashes. Include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your meal. Also include some whole grain items, fish, red and white meat all of your major three meals. They are enriched with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Infects a better health inside can bring the beauty of the body outside. Here is some idea bout healthy diet-
1. Salmon- Salmon take some salmon in your meals. You can eat grill, or poach salmon just the way you want. The benefit of eating salmon spicily for your eyelashes growth is the sea fish is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids promote the growth of full volume eyelashes.
2. Yogurt- Yogurt contains wit lots of vitamin, mineral, protein and healthy bacteria. It improves your digestions, promotes blood flow and helps to keep lashes thick.
3. Spinach- Spinach is also good for giving sting and well-nourished lashes. Because the green vegetables are the good source of vitamin A, iron, beta-carotene, folate, and vitamin C. its best to eat as a salad if you prefer. You can have with soup, fish and vegetable carry.
4. Guava- Take some fresh fruits that consist with vitamin C. Vitamin C can prevent breakage of eyelashes. Have a guava once or twice in a day.
5. Lean meat- instead of red meat. It’s safe to eat lean poultry meat for protein; it can promote your hair growth. If you are suffering from protein deficiency, then your hair growth will automatically lessen, and if it grows huge, it may stop. If you have no issues such as bad cholesterol or diabetics, you can eat a plenty amount of both red and lean meat in meals.
6. Cinnamon- Cinnamon a species that works great for increasing circulation. It can bring oxygen and nutrients to your lashes follicle. So they can grow better and look healthier.

Now it’s your turn
It has been told that the real beauty of eyes is its lashes. Those dark, long enchanting eyelashes that we imagine for most beautiful fairy princesses or see in the poster of models or actresses. Longer and thicker eyelashes have some appeal that makes the eyes look nice to any people. Maybe that is the reason many women die to have long and thick lashes. And this craze makes them try various purchases of lashes enhancing serums. For the temporary solution, you may try mascara, false eyelashes and all. But if you are suffering from thin, broken and dull lashes then these are not solutions to recover. Infect they can cause harm to your precious ashes. So it’s better to find a natural solution that can bring you tremendous benefits in future.
So, keep those artificial ways away and try something 100% efficient and natural ways. And I am sure after trying one of these natural home remedies you may not asking for anyone about how to grow eyelashes longer and thicker naturally at home. Because this time you already were known and become the perfect instance of sparkling eyelashes.

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