What is eyelash serum-how to find out the best eyelash growth serum

Apart from the cosmetic eyelash enhancement, eyelash serums also work perfectly for eyelash extension. It may require some bit time to show result but still it’s a better way to enlarge lashes in a safer way. Women do love long enchanting lashes that can catch anyone’s eyes.

Longer and thicker lashes complement your beauty that is why all ladies are crazy about trying different types of mascara, fake lashes, etc.

Moreover, those want some natural and the longer solution they go for eyelash extension in a beauty salon. But this option is quite expensive, took a long time to done and also requires for touch ups. But what will happen to those who don’t want to spend that much f money and want some natural solution that will last longer? To answer the question, beauties experts are inventing this option eyelash serum- a natural solution for healthier, longer and full volume of eyelashes.

eyelash growth serum

What is eyelash serum?

In simple word, eyelash serum is specially made for increase the growth of eyelashes. It’s formulated for encouraging the growth of healthier, fuller, longer and shiny looking eyelashes. This serum works for enhancing your lashes and make them look alive more and youthful both in inside and out.  The using procedure of eyelashes serum is very straightforward. You just have to apply it to you lashes directly from root to tip like mascara. Some eyelash serum recommended only nighttime of use. Some suggested both night and day. Like the process, wearing of serum is also easy. It quite likes oil but consists enough density to stick on lashes. Also, it is very lightweight so you can apply it in the day before going to make up.

The secret behind of an eyelash serum is its vitamins, protein, and minerals. This eyelash enhancer is enriching with botanical extracts and vitamins that help to strengthen eyelashes. It works for developing new hair folios, repair damage of old follicles which bring changes to your lashes cum your eye beauty. Also, the eyelash serum consists of Hexatein Complex which boosts the natural growth of lashes.

There are many ingredients in the formula of eyebrow serum that consist of calming and soothing properties. But unlike other serum, this one is free from any artificial fragrances or parabens. The components make lashes weaker, uneven and wreckage lashes healthier and natural looks. It’s gone through from several tests by ophthalmologists, dermatologists and they found it’s safe and efficient for both man and women. Some eyelashes enhancer also works great on eyebrow enhancing as well.

eye lash serum

Does it really work?

Eyelash serum claims of successful reincarnation of healthy eyelashes. But does it right? Well, if you look at the ingredient of an eyelash serum, then it will be evident that components individually work for different improving purpose of eyelashes. Like the olive oil, almond oil, lender oil, vitamin E, etc. They nourish and improve the texture of lashes cells. Some are work for improving the color and some help to grow new eyelash. After regular use, you will start to see the result within 3-4 weeks eventually. They will start to become thick, soft and smooth. Infect eyelash serum is ideal for the color correction like for the gray hair. It helps to provide a healthier care and nutrient for any lashes.

Why do you need of use an eyelash serum?

If you are starting to lose eyelashes more than average and you are starting afraid seeing bold lashes within few times.

◈ If you have short, thin, dull looking eyelashes.
◈ If you want to thick and darker color eyelashes.
◈ If you had suffer from and diseases and have lost plenty amount of lashes.
Blonde lashes are not prominent on their self; improving the quality an eyelash serum can bring some dramatical changes.
◈ Aging is also a factor of losing eyelashes. So, if you have reached that stage or about reach you can use it daily to maintain a quality of eyelash.
◈ Women who are from modeling or acting field are keen of gorgeous eyelashes. They can have this thing in real by using eyelash serum.
◈ Same things go for eyebrows. If you have thin, short brows, you can also use eyelash serum to improve them.

How to find out the best eyelash growth serum

From thousand of names, brand and option it’s hard to consider the right one using for eyelashes. If you look at any reliable brands that always conduct an extension research before developing a formula of its products, may not always perfect to choice. Not every band offers the same type of quality, service or performance on their each and every product. So before proceeding looks at in your all options and plan your steps. After all, ideal eyelash enhancers are not just a condition and enhance your lashes for once. It improves all your appearances and satisfaction for the lifetime. So choosing wisely. Here is given some pieces of advice to find out the best eyelash growth serum for you. Have a look.

Consider following things that offered by your selected eyelashes. Such as,

◈Increase volume of eyelashes
◈Produce curl, moist lashes
◈The nutritive effect like producing thicker and longer lashes etc.
◈To fulfill their entire claiming manufacturer uses these types of properties,
◈Herbal essential oil, castor oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, etc. For preventing smudging and clumping of your eyelashes.
◈Vitamins E, Band Amino acid- that work for providing aging effects.
◈Proteins for build and repair follicles.
◈These ingredients are meant to add to the effectiveness of any eyelash serum. They are almost side effect free and perfect for providing a new necessity of the lashes.
◈To determine the positive result. Examine after six weeks of the regular serum application. If the growth is considered as 10% to 80% higher than the previous situation, then it’s proven to be work statistically.
◈You can consider the media references as well to know about a different brand of eyelashes. It may sound little confusing but sometimes it works for choosing a good item. Like many reviews, comment and ads about a particular product help sometimes to get informed.
◈With the ingredients look at the certification of recognizable originations. Such as,
◈National Women Business Owners Corporation
◈Cruelty-Free and Carbon Fund Organization
◈Professional Beauty Association
◈Like the certification, the statement of “out of harmful chemicals” is also important to consider. Such as any preservative, fragrances or carbon or any other harmful ingredients consisting serum will cause you harm. So, strictly avoid any serum that consists of these elements.
◈Also, consider the real opinion or advice from your around people who have used personally.

Best Eyelash Growth Serum- Pros

People mistake about choosing a product just only its workability. They should also consider the fact also- the conditions of work. Like for broken and thin lashes, it may take a longer time to show improving results. So, your situation or quality of eyelashes is also considerable for an eyelash serum to work. However, the good news is maximum eyelash growth serum get positive feedback from their users. After using for 2-3 months of use they have notice fuller and little darker eyelash on their eyelid. The serum is a blend of some ingredients that are effective on moisturizing, conditioning and strengthen the lashes. Because of the quick and simple application of this beauty product, you can add it your beauty routine quickly.

Here is another good side about the growth serum is it cost very low, which make is more desirable to any people. It won’t cause any irritation, redness to your eyes, so it goes with any type skin conditions. An eye growth serum works for your eyebrows hair as well.

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Best Eyelash Growth Serum- Cons

There is no major complication could found or reported from the users. But few users state that they experience mild irritation and itching on the eyelids as well. These users have sensitive skin that may not adjust with any of the ingredients that may not include suites to them. However, we have found another complaint that claims the discoloration over the last line a little bit. That also is the cause of the defect of that particular serum.

Take your time to choose

While researching, you will find yourself in a confused position after seeing all information. If you got the time then look all the ingredients that are used on the eyelash enhancers that you are going to choice, like I said before. But this time research the details about the ingredients also. Like how the work on improving lashes health or them better in conditioning your lashes etc. this research also help you to know about rest of eyelash enhancer. Usually, all the official site of Eyelash Companies tries to explain about their precious work and its used components. Also, see-

◈Complete instruction of usage and how long it should be used.
◈Some product may offer of growing new lashes. Some are only works for color correction and make longer lashes. Choose which option you want to get. But it’s better to go with some unique one that offers multiple results.
◈Methods of payment and delivery or returning policy.
◈Some company offers trial pack or free serum to use, consider this option also to before purchase.
◈If you don’t find all these information on the official site, then contact them with your question through email or phone. If these are not possible or available, then think twice before ordering that product. It’s better to avoid such these products.

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Alternative options

Is there any alternative option to use besides an eyelash serum? It’s depending on what you’re expecting. Many beauty experts, blogger, and beautician claim the use of castor oil works in hair growth. This natural oil also works for your lashes and eyebrows as well. But practically the result is pretty frustrating. If you apply this oil on a daily basis, it will help to grow new lashes, that true. But these new baby lashes are not similar your original lashes. They don’t get bigger over time nor get dark colors. If you are not careful to apply, castor oil could grow new lashes around the bold area or your eyelid. So that is not expected to anyone, right?

Same things go with olive oil, tea tree oil, or any seed oils. Many beauty blogger advice people to apply petroleum jelly especially Vaseline. Regular application of Vaseline can improve your lashes health and can make them longer fuller and durable. It could be true a bit but if anyone suffering eyelash breakage they only Vaseline can’t help to repair totally at least not in 2/3 months. Who has the patience of applying something such a longer period without seeing a ray of hope?

I am not saying these are useless thing totally. But these ingredients work for some particular basis. So, the eyelash growth serum combines all of them and brings you a perfect solution that can cover up all your needs. Besides you can make your lash serum at home instead of buying them. It is easy to make and require not more than 2-3 ingredients. Homemade serums are safe to use and don’t need anything to preserve them for a long time. If it’s an oil-based serum, then it will be perfectly alright till from 9-10 months.


There is lot more option to consider as eyelash serum. You can make them home just following some few procedure and use of some pure herbal ingredients. Also, you can buy the readymade serum from the store or online. The choice is yours. Many brands of eyelash serum provide some useful and unique lash growth serum that suitable for the desired results. However, you can also choose the homemade remedy for the eyelashes enhancement. Both eyelash serums require the almost same schedule to provide a perfect result.

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