Idol lash real reviews - does it work as an eyelash enhancer?

Eyelash enhancer like Idol Lash and others promises for giving you a large volume of darker eyelashes just with one month of use. But why you need eyelash enhancer serum to use? All women want to have long luxurious lashes, don’t they? Sadly, most of them don’t have this quality of lashes. And those who have, they have also come into the tension of losing the volume of eyelashes over the age. So, all they have to start wear mascara, false eyelashes and use of eyelash curler. But these are the temporary solution. What if there are no lashes left to apply all these.

To give a solution, here comes the eyelashes enhancer serum to save you. These serums claim to give you most gorgeous and enchanting eyelashes ever. But eye and the areas of the eye are very sensitive to use or apply any cosmetics. Even you may notice many moisturizers, cream, foundation or face pack specially mention to avoid the application of eye area.

Then how can you trust a serum to apply the most delicate area of your face? Well, the beauty experts who have invented it and the manufacturer are aware of it. They have made it to safer to use on the eyelid so that you can be sure about the safety for now. But still, there is some question remains. And that we are going to discover here.

How to choose an ideal eyelash enhancer like Idol Lash

For any beauty product try to pick most natural ingredients to enrich product. And for eyelash enhance, it’s must to select a serum that contains with natural elements. For example- serum with honey extract, Aloe Vera, glycerin, vitamins is safe for use on eyelids. If you see the main ingredients of Idol lash, you will find many natural ingredients including all these.

  • Approval of FDA and tested by the ophthalmologist.
  • See the ingredients or ok for a sensitive or allergic skins
  • See the customer’s reviews, cost, and rating to have an idea about its good and bad side.

What is eyelash enhancer serum?

At first, women use to enhance their eyelash with mascara (still do). But, it was a momentary way out. But the difficulty in keeping mascaras in place especially on monsoon was quite a pain. Then they invented waterproof mascaras, and now we don’t even think about wearing mascara without ‘water-proof’ mark. However, still, it’s complex to keep mascaras in place in its non-stiff, un-smudged state for the extended time.

Here comes another solution to give an impression of long enchanted eyelashes that every woman dreamt of, flash eyelashes. They are little tricky to wear on and off but still its best for a gorgeous look. But daily use of false eyelashes or mascara is not such good ideas. And another bad thing about it is when you are going to pull it off, it hurts your skin a bit and sometimes pulls 1/2 lashes with it. That why many women who have used flash lashes never tried again in her life. So, what was next? The next thing was expensive but quite impressive to get long and a good volume of eyelashes. But the eyelash extension was not only expensive but also temporary in nature. So it makes difficult to many women to keep with this beauty technique for a long time.

The next solution demands something more futuristic, real and permanent solution. And soon eyelash enhancer serum took place promising you are giving the perfect long, thick and durable natural lashes in a minimal time of use. It only requires one application in a day and cost you very less compare than any beauty products. For long, curly and flattering eyelashes you can show off. So, many eyelash enhancers like Idol lashes or others take a trustable place within a minimal time.

Why should you use eyelash enhancer?

Most beauty experts are recommending the use of naturally eyelash growth serum for growing a bunch of fuller and thicker eyelashes. Ingredients like green tea, chamomile extract, coconut oil, castor oil, kelp, avocado oil, grape seed extract and aloe vera. These are age old remedies that are very efficient and give you side effect free positive results. Even in the very beginning, natural and simple ingredients of household kitchens and pantries like castor oil, avocado oil, aloe vera and coconut oils are successfully used as the eyelash enhancer. But there is the bad side of using any element for skin or hair.

Mostly we use them without aware of how much we need to combine that especially when we go for mix more than two ingredients. However, to make these processes easier, beauty experts are made a miracle serum that gives you an expected result within a short time.

In Idol lashes, you will only find highly active ingredients that not only effective but also tend to cause minimal irritation or any side effect. Use of a concentrated amount of this eyelash enhancer is enough for giving the desired result of thicker looking longer and black shiny lashes. The good thing about it is, it’s easy to use. No complicated procedure or pre-procedure to applying this. Just aware of that, when you are going to apply this there is nothing to your skin or lashes. No mascara or no moisturizer, nothing.

If you are going apply the eyelash enhancer on the eyelid with any makeup or moisturizer, then it will create complication in future. Like, the Idol lash has a drying effect, so when you apply a coat with the current makeup, it will make lashes brittle. Also, your pores will clog up in the applied area due to follicle grows for new lashes. So don’t take the risk of applying it with makeup or any moisturizer. Keep all the procedure for later. You can apply it before doing usual makeup, but let the eyelash enhance serum to dry first. Overall, products like Idol lashes are completely saved for any types of skin.

Best Products for Eyelash Growth

Many types of products for eyelash growth are found in the market. Some are so high to reach for the cost; some are too confusing to choose because of their use of ingredients. That’s why picked some top class serum that mainly works for eyelash growth and gives you a perfect visible result. Here given some of the brands of eyelash enhancers available in the market today, where you can begin your search for an eyelash enhancer:

  • Organic Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum- it has the proprietary botanical compound that boosts the length of lashes. It provides long terms vitality and strength to your lashes and prevents thinning or breakages. You can use it for eyebrow growth equally.
  • Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum- If you are looking for a cheap and effective solution for your eyelashes then this Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum will best suitable for both eyelashes and brows. It’s made with castor oil, Arginine, caffeine, and lots of components that work for natural growth. It’s a crystal clear serum that can use used and mascara and best use before going to sleep.
  • BABE LASH Eyelash Serum- If your lashes are thin or breakable then the BABE LASH Eyelash Serum could be a perfect solution to nourish them. It works for a condition, enhances the lashes and makes them strong. It has been clinically proven that the Babe Lash helps to extend the life of eyelash extension.
  • InstaNatural Eyelash & Eyebrow Boost Serum- This eyelash enhancer is also great for allergy sensitive skin. The InstaNatural Eyelash & Eyebrow Boost Serum has used a powerful peptide formula that helps to grow healthy looking recognizable eyelashes within 28 days. The serum is clinically proven for using organic ingredients that increase the length and density just using twice a day for one month.
  • Idol lashes eyelash enhancer- made with highly natural ingredients like kelp extract, honey extract, chamomile extract, and vitamins. It never gets any sensitivity after applying, so anybody with any skin types can use it for both eyebrows and eyelashes. You can use this 1.4 ounce of the pack more than 60days.

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Idol Lash Ingredients

Idol Lash uses all natural components for enhancing the eyelashes beauty. These elements are practically proven formula to use as the lash enhancement. That is the reason this product work so great in any conduction. If you’re curious about all the elements, which are used in this serum, have a look,

  1. water
  2. Arnica Extract
  3. Glycerin
  4. Glycerin
  5. Butylene Glycol
  6. Hydroxyethylcellulose
  7. Panthenol
  8. Allantoin
  9. Sulfur
  10. Alfalfa Extract
  11. Propylene Glycol
  12. Cocoyl Sarcosine
  13. Wheat Germ Acid
  14. Honey Extract
  15. Sodium Hyaluronate
  16. Hydrolyzed Keratin
  17. Propylene Glycol
  18. Sorbitol
  19. Chamomile Extract
  20. Sodium Cocoyl Collagen Amino Acid
  21. Acetamide MEA
  22. Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil
  23. Linoleic Acid
  24. Linolenic Acid
  25. Polysorbate 80
  26. Kelp Extract
  27. Oleth-10
  28. Simmondsia Chinensis 9 (Jojoba) Seed Oil
  29. Tocopheryl Acetate
  30. Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycan
  31. Bitter Orange Flower Oil
  32. Polysorbate 20 Tetrasodium EDTA


To break these ingredients down, let’s have a look at the most important some.

  • Cocoyl- best for growing long and thick eyelashes. It also gives volume and intensity, so eyelashes look more beautiful than before.
  • Keratin- it’s a protein that naturally consists of hair. And keratin enriches eyelash enhancer like idol lash enhance the quality of lashes and make it fuller.
  • Honey extract- it increases the moisture absorbing capacity for your eyelashes. Gives you soft, silky and wavy eyelashes. It gives a youthful long lasting glow to lashes and protects them from the dry and damaging weather.
  • Chamomile extract- chamomile extract is miracle ingredient for hair re-growth. It nourishes skin and strengthens hair follicles. It stimulates the growth of fuller, thicker and healthier hair strands
  • Poly-peptides- it increases the number of subcutaneous fat cells in the skin area where grow eyelashes. Also, strengthens and enhances the size of hair follicles. So you get nice long thick eyelashes
  • Kelp extract- Sea Kelps helps to stimulate hair growth and keep lashes fuller. It’s enriching with calcium, iodine, and vitamins. Also, it consists of luminaria angustate which make eyelashes more den city makes them gorgeous
  • Vitamin- Vitamins are proven component re-growth eyelashes
  • Protein- hair or eyelashes made with it. And on serum, protein gives a consistency and makes them quality. So you can get full volume lashes for an extended time
  • Moisturizing agent-Moisturizers can improve strength and lash durability. Also keep them healthier and shiny for a long time
  • Nettle extract-it considered as the backbone of idol lash. However, it works for stimulating the growth of hair and strengthening the hair shaft

Does Idol Lash Really Work?

It’s said that eye is the mirror or your soul. Maybe that’s why you look at people your try to find out two deep and beautiful eyes in front of yours. For a gorgeous look, a woman gives the most priority to their eye makeup than others. But if you have dull eyelashes the make could not fulfill the beauty of your face. Having the full eyelashes can make a woman more beautiful. But with temporary results like false lashes or mascara it could not worth your effort.

Also, they cost you a lot if you consider the one year of false lashes supply or mascara tubes. Also the eyelash extension, another option that can cost you around $300 and $75 for every touch ups. If anyone who is careful enough can last with it not more the two months.  So it’s better to move on a permanent result that is useful, cost you a little and healthy as well.

After seeing all the details, there could be still a question moving around someone’s head. Does it work, that it should do? Well, Idol lashes are a beauty product that can make eyelashes fuller, thicker and longer. It is one of the best eyelash enhancer available in the market both local and online stores. The manufacturer of Idol Lash has successful produced other useful beauty products that are successful serving many customers since 2002. So it’s not a random brand of cosmetics that suddenly grow up and claim of dictatorship.

The company has the capability of creating something that works. You may see many eyelash enhancers or used that aren’t good. They were not working that they claim to be. So, what could be the difference between these products an idol lash?

They claim about the idol lashes is if you use it every night for at least 2 to 4 weeks, you will see a noticeable result both in your eyelashes. What is this remarkable effect? Your old lashes become more healthy, curly, shiny and longer. Also, it helps to grow new lashes over the eyelid that contributes to giving a new volume to them. So, overall a new and gorgeous looking eyelashes that can stay longer.

Also, the company claims that it works for eyebrows as well. Not only that, with regular customers, they claim the celebrities also claim the eyelash enhancer for having thick and long lashes. And of course, it’s clinically tested and prevents that works safely to every woman.

How to Use Idol Lash?

A beauty product like Idol lashes is very easy to use. You just need to take out only 5 minutes in a day for completing all the procedures start to finish. It only requires two easy and straightforward steps. Clean the face with a mild cleanser and apply the serum on the upper and lower lash line. Just be careful that it won’t contact to your eyes directly. It may cause burn or redness to eyes.

Using an eyelash enhancer is a gradual process that typically takes about a month to give a significant result. And idol lash usually starts to show effect within 2 to 4 weeks to get you a bunch of beautiful. But don’t you think the idol lash or any eye enhancer can give you a perfect result in casual or regular use. It works you to nourish your lashes and help to grow new lashes overall. So a regular use as they recommend can only give you the result you want to have.

Besides, eyelash enhancers do change the look of your eyebrows. If you don’t like the look of the way of your eyebrows and want to bring a volume on it, then use it on a daily basis. It’s same effective as like as the eyelashes.

So, once you have to clean up your face and dried with a soft towel move to the application. Just unscrew the applicator attached to the cap of the tube and take a small portion of idol lash on the tip. Now just sweep the tip right next to the eyelids to your both upper and lower lids for once. You can use the serum on your eyebrows if you wish to give little volume on it. However, after applying the serum dab the areas so your skin can absorb it perfectly. This eyelash enhancer works for eyebrows where you are losing hair as well.

You should use it on the night before you go to sleep. Best use after cleaning and exfoliating the skin and before the night cream or any moisturizer application. After using for around one month, your will be the practical difference you’re before and after eye lashes. If you skip days or try it a day, then the serum will take longer to effect.


Idol Lash is Clinically Proven and Effective

It’s good to know that Idol Lash has clinically proven to be safe and usable. A test runs between 24-82 years old of women to use the product for four weeks. After the test, it has been found that all they have noticed around 82% longer and thicker lashes than before. Some of them have had sensitive skin; they are an allergen to use a product like a face wash products, vitamin beauty serum, etc. those women specially choose for observe the result of this serum effectiveness of sensitive skin.

However, some of them said, the little feel itchiness for first two or three-time application. But later their skin was totally adjusted to it. And other said they felt nothing after applying the serum. It was totally cool.

After the trial that doctors have verified the product as safe and useful eyelash enhancers even recommended to use it on a daily basis. It can give you a permanent result that you will surely love. But here is one thing to remember. After using for one month when you stopped the use, your eyelash will return the form re-growth lashes. So if you are thinking of using it for three to six month and then will stop it forever, then may it will not work to stay with those lashes that you are enjoying now.

And why you need to stop such an excellent serum that make happened this transformation. After all, we maintain a beauty regimen like cleaning, exploiting, moisturizer and all. So adding one will not a big deal.

So basically,

  1. Idol Lash can strengthen and condition your eyelashes.
  2. For promoting maximum growth, it can provide essential ingredient and nourishments.
  3. Improve the lashes texture and volume as well.
  4. Safe to use.
  5. Made of quality and balance ingredients.
  6. Clinically approved.
  7. Idol lashes benefits and side effects
  8. You will get thicker, longer and darker eyelashes after few weeks.
  9. It’s completely safe and efficient to use, clinically approved.
  10. Verified and recommended by dermatologist and eye doctors.
  11. Works for eyebrows as well.
  12. Don’t cause irritation or redness.

Idol lashes review- what are people saying about the product?

If you go to beauty blogs or any other site to see the reviews about the product then you will see, there has been mixed opinion on whether or not this eyelash enhancer effective. Some people claim they use it’s for a month and they got a recognizable result from the second week after the start to applying. They are happy with the purchase. Like the Linda Hutson who is pretty pleased with using the product.

She said, “It worked well, at least for me. Now my lashes are thicker more and longer than the previous time.” also, Roseely who have pretty thin and breakable eyes lashes, she explains, “My lashes are now stronger more that before. I thought my eyelid would complete bold seeing the amount of lashes I lost every day. But I recovered much more, and I am happy to see the way my eyes look.”

But other users said, they also use it for a month but no change happened yet, and they stop using this. Like the Emma, she said, “I used the product for more than four months. First two months it’s growing new lashes and makes the previous lashes thick as well. I was about to think that it worked for me but from the third month, they started to break off. And now they are in the previous position.”

Well, these kinds of mix reviews often come in front of beauty product more or less. You will see a sharp line between good and bad reviews that divide people to the North Pole and the South Pole. It has a positive side that a product has a capability to work and the matter of fact, it does not mean it doesn’t work for some people you will ignore the majority that gets benefits from it.

Even you don’t know all about those people’s beauty regimen or did the applied the serum as the direction. Because these matters can affect on showing the actual results of a beauty product. Another thing that we often mix with our expectation is the advertisements. We always fixed our expectation on the model’s look as the product like to show us. But you have to measure the result with your previous and after condition.

If anyone has very few thin lashes over the eyelid, then she has to look for a decent volume of lashes for using the first time. Because eyelash enhancers will work for, grow new lashes and nourish the old lashes to make them strong. After then after a couple of months, she can expect for thick long and curly eyelashes. An eyelash enhancer can’t give her a duplicated look of models from the first month of using. So the main thing is you have to expect for great results about a product but with logic. But, Idol lash is made of work all type of lashes so you can trust of its working.

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Our recommendation

Idol Lash does offer a free product to use for once. You can give it a shot just check out the workability. People who complain about the product never mentioned or faced any side effect from it. So you can trust about a safe trial of the product. You don’t have to lose much if it doesn’t affect, at least not the money. And if you had already used the trial pack and satisfied with it, then you can order for purchases from online shopping sites or the official site of Idol Lash eyelash enhancer. They offer three kinds of packages that are quite money saving. Like,

  1. Package no -1: 5 tubes of combo pack (just buy 3, and other two are free) including free shipping.
  2. Package no -2: 3 tubes of combo pack (buy 2 and get one free) including free shipping.
  3. Package no -3: 1 Pack (Tube).

Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer FAQs

  1. How much a tube of idol lash can last?
  2. Around a month, if you use it only to eyelashes once in a day the time may extend more.
  3. How long it take to show results?
  4. The manufacturer of idol eyelashes claim it works after two weeks from the starting day. But you will get the noticeable result after a month.
  5. Is it hypoallergenic I have sensitivity in my eye?
  6. It perfectly alright for any sensitive skins
  7. Is it safe to use the idol eyelash with any other person?
  8. Any personal beauty products especially the eye cosmetics should not share with others. It may pass diseases, allergy or irritation. So it’s safe to use one bottle of this eyelash enhancer individually.
  9. Is it chemical free?
  10. Its made of natural ingredients and completely free from harmful chemicals.
  11. Do the offers free trial pack to use?
  12. The Idol lashes do offer free pack for using. If you are still not sure about the product, just try it without spending a dollar in your pocket, you will love this!

Where to Buy Idol Lash

You couldn’t find the product nearby your cosmetics shops or any super stores. You have to order it’s from Amazon.com or ebay.com or the official website of Idol Lash eyelash enhancers. The best thing about buys it directly from the manufacturer is, you can get the best discount price, cheapest shipping, free pack offer, money back guaranty and of course the customer service.

Last Verdict

Once you use this eyelash enhancer serum, it will surprise you. Your friends will envy you after seeing the magical transformation of your eyelashes. The thick, curly, long and shiny lashes that every woman dreamed of are now complementing your looks. But before going for any eyelash enhancer, the first rule is to be sure about its quality.

Approval of several related clinical tests etc. and then the customer’s satisfaction level. But in this case, you will keep faith on idol lash eyelash enhancer.  It’s easy to apply, cheap in price and the result is unbelievable. An idol lash could be your eyelashes’ best friend to make the truly gorgeous in a natural way.